Xenomancers are the primary antagonists of the story. They are interdimensional alien beings with several supernatural abilities. Their motives are largely mysterious, but they seem driven towards total conquest. Only four have ever been seen in the comic.


Xenomancers have demostrated several abilities so far. They are capable of manipulating energy fields for offensive and defensive purposes. Additionally they can use the energy fields to transport themselves and others to locations within a dimension. They ahve also displayed powerful psychic abilities, they can command large groups of troopers and can inflict pain through these abilities. They also possess limited regeneration abilities and are able to restore damaged parts fully by assimilating a changeling.


Xenomancers are first encountered in episode 2, in which Xenomancer Blue was imprisoned and subsequently escaped. They were not seen again until episode 6 when Xenomancer Red tracks down MJ7 during their visit to Xqz. In episode 8, Xenomancer Red directly confronts Laura, John and Victoria but I-Man teleports them to safety. When the xenomancer threatens I-Man, H-Man and J-Man appear and the xenomancer retreats. In episode 11, they appear briefly and reveal that they have been observing and potentially influencing recent events, they also reveal that they are actively searching for the powerstones of the Nyx in order to overpower some oposing force.

Xenomancer Red appears briefly in the Mr.E sequence, in which he instructs Tom to remove a crystal from a containment matrix.

They appear to be in direct conflict with H-Man and his associates. In strip #192, the H-Man and the others reference an ancient agreement made with the "outsiders" indicating some sort of truce in which neither side can act openly. Similarly, in #265, the Xenomancers mention "ancients" with the power to destroy them. It is unclear whether these terms refer to either side or even higher powers

Individual XenomancersEdit

Each of the four xenomancers has a color associated with it. Their energy manipulation ability reflects the color associated with an individual.

Xenomancer BlueEdit

The first xenomancer encountered. It has expressed emotions or rage and hatred and will go out of its way for revenge.

Xenomancer RedEdit

It has appeared twice leading groups of troopers and may serve as a scout for the others.

Xenomancer GreenEdit

It has only spoken once, demonstrating caution and forsight in contrast to Xenamancer Blue

Xenomancer GreyEdit

The Apparent leader of the Xenomancers.


The xenomancers have a variety of servants seen so far. Thier primary soldiers are the troopers seen in regular intervals.

Additionally they use changelings for infiltration and may have human spies.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The UFO series of Lego space (1997-1998) were the first lego sets to feature nonhuman(or android) minifigures. They have a menacing appearance and have served as primary antagonists repeatedly during play. Lego only made three colors of for their minifigures, so Xenomancer Green was created out of other minifigure parts, but the legs are unfortunately a solid green as oposed to the cybernetic patern freatured on the others. For this reason Xenomancer Green will probably only be photographed from behind, in profile, or from above the waist.

The name "xenomancer" is a combination of greek roots meaning "stranger/alien" and "divination/prophesy".

They are inspired by pretty much every type of menacing alien intelligence featured in science fiction and fantasy as well as works by H. P. Lovecraft.