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Vance Zann is the eighth member of Majestic7, replacing Robert in episode 5.

He is an expert in xenobiology and metabiology (possibly through his experiences on Xqz). He also has some training in medicine. He is a Special Intelligence agent with high level clearance and has demonstrated proficiency in melee and ranged combat.

Before Majestic7Edit

In episodes 12, 13 and 14, Vance reveals his backstory. He and his fiance, Catherine, were invited to participate in Project Umbriel and served on the biological portion of the project. During the White Butte Incident, Vance was separated from Catherine...

An unknown time later, Vance meets Tom (aka Mr. E) and works undercover in Wolfgang's fortress on Xqz. After the failed experiment which released Azathon, Vance was instructed to aid mj7.


After aiding the escape of mj7 from Xqz, Vance returns to Earth and reveals that he is a member of Special intelligence with high level clearance. In year 2, he approches Emily with a plan to perform an experimental procedure to clone Peter and replicate his memories. After the initial scan he tells Emily about his past.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Vance's first name comes from a character in a short story I wrote. Like all other members of Majestic7, his surname comes from Lovecraftian literature. In "The Music or Erich Zann", the titular character is a mysterious figure who plays music to keep back creatures from another universe.

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