Peter Derby

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Peter Derby is an expert in linguistics and archaeology.


Year 1Edit

He does stuff

Year 2Edit

Main Article: Emily

Due to events in the final episode of Year 1, the original Peter doesn't make an appearance in Year 2.


A ti

Time Travelling Peter from the future

me travelling version of Peter has appeared twice. The first occurence was in a flashback during episode 7. After talking with Peter, he departs with the dimensional sealing device. He is next seen in episode 10, in which he and Michael(future) work to seal the hole that was created by Kull/EvilPeter

Behind the ScenesEdit

Peter's surname comes from the H. P. Lovecraft short story "The Thing on the Doorstep". The character Edward Derby falls victim to Ephraim Waite, who has an ability to swap bodies with people.

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