The story so far

Year 1Edit

Episode 1: Pilot Part 1Edit

Strips 001-025.

The original members of Majestic7 are introduced in this episode. Laura, William and a third agent are investigating a disturbance at a government reseach facilty. They discover troopers taking materials from one of the labs. During a firefight, they are exposed to a material, later identified by Robert as containing Blue-93a, a substance with unique mutagenic properties. Agent Hector Marsh and the H-Man then recruit Laura into Majestic7. Other recruited members include: Robert, a biology and metabiology researcher; Michael, a physicist and mathematiscian; Victoria, a psychic; and Peter, an expert in linguistics and archaeology. Additionally, Laura selects Alex, an expert in programming and robotics, and John, a former mercenary.

Episode 2: Pilot Part 2Edit

Strips 026-050.

At the start of the episode it is revealed that the xenomancer are responsible for recent attacks on various research facilities. Sometime prior to the episode one of the xenomancers was captured by special agents. During a briefing of MJ7, the power is cut by a changeling that has infiltrated the base. During the power loss, the xenomancer escapes its prison and kills the scientist who oversaw the interrogation, the changeling then appears and sacrifices itself to restore the xenomancer to full power. Having watched these events unfold through a security feed, MJ7 splits into two groups. Peter, Alex and Michael travel to the robotics lab to restore power to the security robots while Laura, John, Victoria and Robert travel to the portal chamber in an attempt to head off the xenomancer. Having been restored to full power, the xenomancer summons troopers to aid in its escape. After being caught in a trap set by the troopers at the portal chamber, Victoria shoots and kills 6 troopers with here eyes closed. As the xenomancer arrives, it demads passage and incapacitates Victoria, hoping to spare her life in exchange for access to the portal. Laura and Vance attempt to attack the xenomancer with plasma rifles, but the xenomancer has somehow disabled them. Catching the xenomancer off guard, Laura manages to stab it. In a rage, it unleashes a blast of energy that renders the four of them unconscious. It then travels through the portal to reunite with the rest of the xenomancers.

Episode 3: Boldly GoingEdit

Strips 056-080.

This episode opens up during the aftermath of xenomancer blue's escape. Robert, Laura and John go to obtain a power suit that really has no relevance to the story. Agent Marsh then informs Laura that he believes there is a spy in the Majestic7 team. Meanwhile, Victoria helps Peter translate tablets that were found near the transgate. Peter discusses his past and talks about his father while Victoria hints at a mysterious backstory. At the same time, Micheal and Alex work on researching some technologies left behind by the troopers as well as attempting to power the transgate. At the end of the episode, Majestic7 travels through the transgate and arrives in Xqz.

Episode 4: XqzEdit

Strips 081-100.

Once in the parallel universe, Xqz, Majestic7 quickly discovers that the features of Xqz are mutable and objects rarely stay in the same place for very long. The team is ambushed and captured, and Robert betrays the team. On the way back to their main base, the party is attacked by a ninja who kidnaps Peter. She takes him to a base known as Tranquility and is introduced to Tom. The exact function of the base is only vaguely mentioned, but it is hinted that there would be dire consequences if a certain procedure isn't repeated every 117 minutes. Meanwhile, the others arrive at the enemy base which is ruled by a man named Wolfgang, who John has met before. Wolfgang declares that the members of Majestic7 will have to fight to the death.

Episode 5: The Thunder PitEdit

Strips 101-120.

A man called Handy Dan explains that they will be forced to fight eachother two at a time in an arena called the thunder pit. Through a technicality, they manage to convice Wolfgang to release one of them and Alex is taken to work in a robotics lab. In the lab, Alex is introduced to Daniel, who is immediately smitten, despite Alex's attempts to shrug off his advances. Meanwhile, Robert is enraged that Wolfgang failed to uphold his end of a bargain, in his lab he instructs Vance to move their experiment to phase 2. Despite Vance's protests, Robert activates a machine and Azathon is drawn into Xqz. Vance declares that he will have no part in Robert's plans and prepares to escape the base, while contacting Tranquility, he recieves intructions to assist MJ7. Laura and Micheal are forced to fight in the thunder pit, she knocks him unconscious, but his life is spared due to a technicality in the rules of the thunder pit, Vance tells Michael that the girls are free to go, but he will still have to fight John to the death.

Episode 6: Building SuspenseEdit

Strips 131-150.

The girls are reunited with Alex and the three of them discuss escape. Daniel overhears them and reveals his own plan of escape in which he turns the base's robots against the guards. Vance breaks Michael free of his cell and it is revealed that they met three years earlier during project umbriel and Vance tells Michael about his mission to recover a dangerous artifact from Wolfgangs treasure hold. Sometime after they leave, xenomancer red arrives with light and dark troopers and proceeds to attack the base in search of MJ7. Laura and Victoria manage to overpower the man guarding John and they free him and explain Daniel's plan to him. Meanwhile, back in the robotics lab, Daniel reveals that his plan was actually to transfer control of all robots to him so that he could escape alone, he explains his intent to take Alex with him back to his homeworld.

Episode 7: Robots vs AliensEdit

Strips 151-180.

Vance explains the nature of the artifact that he seeks to Michael. As Alex and Daniel make their way through the base, Peter blows a hole in a wall, burrying Daniel in a pile of debris. Daniel recounts his experiences in Tranquility in which he meets Blue, an Azurian, and a time travelling version of himself from the future. As Laura, John and Victoria try to make their way to the others, they encounter Robert, who has been forced to assist Azathon. Robert shoots John, but his life is saved by the powersuit from episode 3, John manages to cut off Roberts hand with a katana and Robert flees, leaving Azathon behind. Having regained some of his power, Azathon begins to transform into a large monster, but he is vaporized by a weapon Laura finds on a display stand. Meanwhile, Alex and Peter stumble accross the vault which contains an artifact known as the phylactry of Kull, which is also the module that Vance has been sent to find. Peter grabs the object and is redered unconscious in an ensuing flash of light. Xenomancer red finally encounters Laura and the others but they are teleported away by the I-Man before it can kill them.

Episode 8: HomecomingEdit

Strips 183-195.

The I-Man and his associates confront xenomancer red and it flees. MJ7 arrives in Tranquility. Blue examines Peter and reveals that he cannot help him there and they have to get back to Earth. He inquires about Laura's gun and reveals that it was a weapon only useable by his people and he postulates that the material Blue-93a in episode 1 modified Laura's DNA enough that she can now access their technology. After requesting a sample of her blood, he recounts the Azurian's devastating war against the xenomancers. He is disturbed by the prospect of them returning and urges caution regarding her newfound abilities. MJ7 then travels home through a second Xqz transgate which is securely attached to the structure. Once they arrive home, they realize that despite being in Xqz for days, they have only been gone from Earth for six minutes. Vance reveals that he is actually an agent with red level security clearance.

Episode 9: AnomalyEdit

Strips 196-225.

While Michael is reading a warpshark appears in front of him and green aliens emerge. They reveal themselves to be the Nyx, and they are in search of power crystals which they need to survive as a race. They explain that the crystals were lost during the war with the xenomancers. They reveal that they were part of an alliance with the Azurians and the Dvergar. Meanwhile, while conducting an experiment, Alex and Vance are surprised to have people and objects from other universes spontaneously appearing. At the same time, John convinces Victoria to try to probe the mind of the unconscious Peter. She is greatly disturbed by what she finds and rushes away to find Laura, claiming that whoever is in the medlab isn't Peter at all. Victoria and Vance meet laura at the same time and explain their problems. While walking to the warpshark, they pass a man who is revealed to be Michaek from the future, He goes into a side room and meets with Peter from the same time period. Azathon appears in a hallway and attempts to recruit followers. The occurences of random objects appearing are reveled to be casued by the warpshark interfering with the phasic disruptions emmanated by the transgate, this phasic resonance is tearing a hole in local space-time. While they attempt to fix the problem a second changeling appears, this time using a human skelleton to assume human form. The story then switches to Peter, who finds himself in a room with a samll child. He faces a series of tests to detrmine whether he is worthy to reach some final room.

Episode 10: The Other ManEdit

Strips 226-255.

After a containment matrix is constructed for the warpshark, the hole in space time begins to close. Victoria and John track strange energy readings and encounter the skeleton and clothing that was previously used by the changeling. Vance reveals the skelleton as having been used by a changeling while the creature itself communicates to an unseen collaborator to relay instructions. Michael and Peter from the future track an ectoplasmic trail left behind by Azathon.Kull, now possessing the body of Peter, is reunited with Azathon. As Alex examines a robot that fell through the hole in space time, she discovers something startling, but is interupted by the changeling, who forces her to lock down the security grid before rendering her unconscious. The changeling then tracks down future Michael and Peter, Peter urges Michael to continue on the mission as he grapples with the changeling. A short time later, Micheal encounters himself walking through the coridor and they both journey to the portal room to try and stop Azathon and Kull. Meanwhile Peter is sent back in a female body to try to reclaim his old body from Kull. In an attempt to incapacitate Kull, Michael accidentally liquifies Peter's body with a plasma rifle. Peter, now in female form arrives and discovers the fate of his/her body. While confronting Michael, the other Micheal interupts them as the singularity of the transgate begins to form and starts tearing a hole in reality. Peter(future) arrives as tentacles begin to emerge from the hole and he seals the portal using the dimensional sealing device. Their mission complete, future Michael and Peter knock their present counterparts unconscious and depart back to their own time.

Year 2Edit

Episode 11: Title PendingEdit

Strips 256-270.

Peter trys to cope with the loss of his body. Various characters try to console him/her.

Episode 12: Vance's StoryEdit

Strips 271-300 .

Vance recounts events at White Butte research facility that occured 3 years earlier. His story begins by intruducing Catherine, his love interest. The two of them, along with several other experts in various fields are invited to White Butte to participate in a top secret project, codenamed Project Umbriel. During an experiment, a drilling team breached a pocket of enery which opened a hole into the alien world Titania. On the other side, the remains of an ancient civilization is found. Vance, Catherine and her uncle are placed in charge of the biological portion of Project Umbriel. At one point a living specimen is uncovered and brought back to Earth. Despite Vance and Catherines fears that the lifeform may be incredibly dangerous, research continues. During an experiment on an exotic material, an incident occurs which sends Vance 2 weeks into the future. Upon awakening, he discoveres that there has been a containment breach and that alien lifeforms have taken over the facility.

Episode 13: John's StoryEdit

Strips 301-330.

John continues the story started by Vance. 2 weeks after the incident in White Butte, the facility has only been partially evacuated. John's team of mercenaries is hired to enter the facility and search for survivors. To John's displeasure, Ryan also accompanies them. Once inside, the team is guided remotely by Alex, who is on the surface. After splitting up, bravo team is attacked by an unknown assailant. Meanwhile alpha team encounters Vance, who decides to accompany them. They are attacked by serpents and escape to the enigmatic delta labs, Ryan grants access, revealing that he is the special intelligence liason to the White Butte facility. Accessing delta lab computers, Vance discovers that the serpents were being bred inside human hosts within the labs and he confronts Ryan. Ryan reveals that since they have dropped out of contact with the surface, a self destruct sequence will soon activate. While John confronts Ryan, the power is cut and more serpents attack. John and Vance find themselves alone and surrounded by serpents when the Hunter appears and kills the serpents.

Episode 14: The HunterEdit

Strips 336-355


There have been a series of intermissions though the comic. These usually cooincide with major events in the authors life

1st intermissionEdit

Strips 051-055. Jax and a Menger Sponge lament that all the Legos have been packed up and taken home for the summer.

2nd intermissionEdit

A showcase of comics that were made prior to the start date of Majestic7. These include the Mr.E sequence and the Valentine's Day Strip

3rd intermissionEdit

A freind asked Jax to make a meta-story about how the comic is made. Jax explains the various steps involved in the creative process.

4th intermissionEdit

Jax goes to Hong Kong so he hires guest artist Admiral Akbar. Akbar takes old comics and adds his own special commentary.

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