The original race that inhabited Titania. They discovered how to travel between worlds and their civilization spread. 200,000 years ago, they inadvertently discovered the homeworld of the serpents. The ensuing conflict resulted in the destruction of the builder's race. The only known survivor is the Hunter, featured in episodes 13 and 14.


The Hunter is the only known survivor of the builders, it is unknown whether his abilities are unique among the builders.

He has demonstrated incredible strength and stamina as well as an advanced fighting style.

He also possesses multiple vision modes, allowing him to detect the unique radiation signatures of humans and serpents.

It is suggested that the builders possess incredible intellect as the Hunter was able to learn the human language in 5 minutes.


During the apex of their civilization the builders were able to travel to different worlds via unknown means. The Hunter made use of a warpshark to travel to Earth, but this may not have been their primary mode of transportation.

The Hunter has been shown fighting with a simple spear of unknown material.


The builders made use of the Ancient languge.


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